MicroVENT Industrial – Resuscitation for industry

For when breathing stops…..or there is a risk, such as when breathing apparatus is in use….

The microVENT resuscitator is a gas powered ventilatory resuscitation device. It is designed to be used on a patient who has stopped breathing or requires assistance to breathe adequately.

The industrial kits also contain oxygen therapy masks for increasing the oxygen inhaled by a patient who can breathe but needs supplemental oxygen.

The microVENT resuscitator can be used in two modes:

  1. Manual triggered (flow controlled, pressure limited)
  2. Automatic (time cycled) with synchronised trigger (on advanced models)



The microVENT Industrial is designed to be suitable for adults only with the tidal volume and frequency pre-set to be suitable for an adult patient.  Once set on automatic, the microVENT continues to provide ventilation in a consistent manner.

In addition to ventilating in a controlled manner, microVENT saves oxygen – only using what is then given to the patient.

The microVENT resuscitator does not accidentally entrain atmospheric air (it is fitted with an anti-air-entrainment valve) so may be suitable for areas where there is a risk of toxic material or gas.

The microVENT resuscitator is a fraction of the weight and size of traditional resuscitators, so its ideal for carrying quickly to an accident.

The industrial microVENT is designed to be extremely easy to use by first aiders trained in resuscitation.


A professional microVENT for use on adult and child patients (adjustable for tidal volume and frequency) is also available.

For automatic only operation, pre-set for adult resuscitation, consider the microVENT utilityvent resuscitation kit.


Oxygen cylinders are ordered separately and are not included in the supply of kits.

More information on the microVENT kits for industry are available from the product brochures on our download page