MicroVENT Overview – A comprehensive range of emergency resuscitators

For when breathing stops…..


The Meditech microVENT is the most advanced hand held pre-hospital emergency resuscitator/ventilator in use in the world today. The microVENT is designed specifically to meet the needs of EMS specialists whilst offering unique benefits to its users. Whilst being both practical and robust, the microVENT resuscitation/ventilation system is the smallest and lightest available. The microVENT is a pneumatically powered, time/volume cycled, resuscitator / ventilator with negligible drive gas consumption. This provides the added benefit of manual triggering for use during external cardiac massage or automatic cycling; allowing for longer term ventilation during patient transport. There is no need for a separate control module as all the controls are integrated into the handset. This eliminates the need for the operator to look away from the patient when switching between manual and automatic resuscitation/ventilation, or when making adjustments to tidal volume/frequency. The microVENT’s unique design provides total fingertip control, improved patient care and a superior seal between mask and patient in a single compact handset. The microVENT is effective as well as being an all-round smaller, lighter and easier resuscitator/ventilator designed specifically to improve patient care in the pre-hospital environment.

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