MicroVENT Twin – Adult and child ventilator /resuscitator

For when breathing stops…..

The microVENT resuscitator is a gas powered ventilatory resuscitation device.

The microVENT resuscitator can be used in two modes:

  1. Manual triggered (flow controlled, pressure limited)
  2. Automatic (time cycled) with synchronised trigger (on advanced models)

The microVENT  Twin is designed to be suitable for both adults and children above 14kg. The microVENT Twin has two adjustable slider controls so the user can independently select both the volume and frequency most suitable for the patient. Once set on automatic, the microVENT continues to provide ventilation in a consistent manner.

The microVENT Twin is also available with Airmix, so that lower oxygen concentrations can be prescribed.

The microVENT is designed to be extremely easy to use by medical professionals, paramedics and first aiders. A microVENT for use on adult patients only (not adjustable for children) is also available (see microVENT resuscitators for industry)


For full details on operating the microVENT resuscitator please read the instructions for use supplied with the product.

The product illustrated is the 670-0611-00 microVENT Twin, Advanced, Airmix model from the microVENT Twin range. Models without Airmix are also available.

For details and brochures please visit our download page

A microVENT resuscitator can be purchased as a single item, or made into a kit by purchasing: 


  • A microVENT resuscitator
  • The Meditech case and accessories
  • A Meditech regulator
  • Oxygen cylinder and valve