RedVac – Overview

Meditech is the UK distributor for:

  • RedVac immobilisation products for EMS
  • MedVac immobilisation for MRI imaging and CT scanning

RedVac is a carefully designed vacuum mattress and splinting product. A range of mattresses and limb splints are available featuring:

  • Patented Multi-Chamber-System
  • Durable exterior material
  • Comfortable inner material
  • Unique and practical attachment systems for restraint straps and carry handles
  • Automatic closing vacuum valve
  • Personalised labelling system
  • X-ray, CT and MRI compatibility

MedVac is an immobilisation device designed to help imaging of infants without sedation. The immobiliser is suitable for CT and MRI scanners, fitting within most coils.

RedVac and MedVac are manufactured and CE marked by Kohlbrat and Bunz, Austria.