Medical Gas Cylinders – Overview

Meditech stocks cylinders for medical oxygen in two ranges:

  • European standards
    • ISO 7866:1999 Gas cylinders — Refillable seamless aluminium alloy gas cylinders — Design, construction and testing
  • USA standards
    • DOT-3AL and TC-3ALM designed. The USA range of cylinders are for use only in countries that accept the USA specification. They are not for sale for use in Europe.

European standard cylinders:


For the UK we normally supply our 2l cylinder for use with the microVENT resuscitator kits. The cylinder is light in weight and supplied with a medical oxygen pin index cylinder valve. In line with the latest standards for medical oxygen colour identification, these cylinders will be supplied in white
For other countries we need the cylinder valve outlet fitting that is required to be specified at the time of enquiry.

Unfilled cylinders will  be supplied with the cylinder valve separate from the cylinder. This allows inspection and assembly by the filling company. It also means that the cylinders when being transported are readily identifiable as non-hazardous cargo.

Filled cylinder orders will be sent to a licensed filling company and dispatched from them to the customer.


USA standard cylinders:


For microVENT resuscitator kits choose the MD cylinder. This is supplied by the manufacturer with a pin-index valve. The cylinder is finished in a clear coating over brushed aluminium finish, and a green shoulder.