BNOS Meditech is the UK Distributor for Kohlbrat & Bunz.

Kohlbrat & Bunz develop and produce Medvac equipment for stabilising during MRI, CT examinations and operations.

Immobilisation Devices

To prevent movement artifacts, the patient must be immobilised during the examination. MedVac® vacuum splints with the unique, patented chamber system and the biocompatible outer sleeve are ideal for fixing the patient during the MRI scan. The splints are thin, flexible, easy to put on and very dimensionally stable after suction. The patient is thus comfortably stabilized during the scan, resulting in motion artifact-free images and time-consuming sequence repetitions. Numerous models available suitable to immobilise small babies / children along with adult limbs such as arms & legs etc.

Easy to use

  • The special chamber system keeps the granules in the appropriate position and therefore allows quick and precise application
  • Very thin, fits most coils
  • The vacuum valve closes automatically after suction
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • The electric pump can easily be installed in the adjoining room

Patient Comfort

  • The patient is comfortably positioned and immobilised
  • Pleasant, durable and biocompatible material
  • Good insulation properties keep the baby warm


  • Increase in image quality, no movement artefacts, optimal images with the first scan
  • Increase in the number of examinations, an additional 2-3 patients per day
  • Increased return on your MRI investment
  • CE marked

For further information regarding the MedVac range, please contact a member of our sales team!

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