microVENT™ Resuscitators

The Meditech microVENT Resuscitator is a handheld automatic resuscitator which gives the trained user an effective means of providing artificial ventilation during respiratory and / or cardiac arrest.

The microVENT is pneumatically powered, automatic time / volume cycled ventilator with negligible drive gas consumption with a manual resuscitation mode also available. Ventilation frequency and tidal volume are easily adjusted with a single sliding control on the front of the unit. The microVENT‘s ergonomic styling gives easy operation with controls in a natural position. The patient range for the microVENT is from a 10kg child up to a large adult. No batteries or electrical supply are required to operate the device.

Other features include synchronised intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV) which allows spontaneously breathing patients to demand breathe through device on 100% Oxygen mode at their own desired rate and volume with their inspiratory efforts controlling automatic cycling.  Should the patients volume fall below the preset threshold or they stop breathing, the microVENT will restart automatically. The patient is protected from overinflation by the audible pressure relief system. There is an Airmix option for 100% or 50% oxygen giving extended cylinder duration.

Other models include CPR microVENT or our Adult Only Models.

Accessories for the microVENT include PEEP valve, breathing circuits, head harnesses etc.

Adult & Child Models
CPR Models
Adult Only Models

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