Part No. POA

Bedside Medical Oxygen System

Industry: Marine & Offshore

Our Medical Oxygen System meet the latest IMO / IMDG / MFAG regulations for ship board use to supply Oxygen to two persons at the same time.

Part No. POA

Bedside Medical Oxygen System:

In the IMO Bedside solution, the oxygen cylinder is placed between two beds, mounted against the bulkhead with the cylinder rack. The regulator with a fixed flow of 50L / min is mounted on the top of the cylinder and the flow selector is mounted on the bulkhead. The double oxygen outlet if fixed to the wall and the hose is connected to the regulator. Two flow selectors, with quick connections, are placed in the double oxygen wall outlet, which enables the oxygen flow to be regulated between 0-15L / min. A humidifier is connected to each flow selector and this has a disposable oxygen therapy mask attached to it.

  • All equipment is supplied in one box ready for easy installation.
  • Installation can be completed without any trouble during a voyage and can easily be performed by the crew.
  • All equipment is available through our extensive network.
  • Future service is supported by our service organisation including replacement of components.
  • Compatible with medical oxygen cylinders.

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