Nitrous Oxide Regulator

Our nitrous oxide regulators are available in pin index, bullnose B5341 and other international inlet types. These regulators are also available with a full range of 4-BAR outlets.

Available in the following working pressures:

  • 0-45 BAR
  • 0-83 BAR
  • 0-200 BAR

Our N2O regulators can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Our regulators are a class llb medical device offered in two ranges; 55B & 55SL.

  • 55B regulators are manufactured mainly from brass & designed for mobile use in demand conditions.
  • 55SL regulators are manufactured from aluminium alloy, but with a brass high-pressure gas path for safety and are designed for mobile use where light weight is important.

Our regulators are designed to function on an inlet pressure up to 200BAR with a nominal outlet pressure of 4-BAR. All regulators incorporate a sintered inlet filter + have an integral pressure relief valve for safety.

  • Can never fall out of calibration; EVER
  • 7-year warranty
  • Service free
  • Available with any international high pressure outlet fitting
  • Luminous gauge face for night use.

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