Industrial Kits

Designed for adult only use, ideal for use in industrial areas.

The microVENT European Advanced Adult Industrial Kit is an easy to use, portable kit, with oxygen therapy, offering the following outstanding features:

  • All the controls for the microVENT are in the handset, so you can observe and care for your patient as you control the ventilation they require.
  • The microVENT drive gas consumption is negligible, so you can be confident that the oxygen you use is contributing to patient care, not driving your ventilator.
  • The microVENT is small and light, so it can easily be carried in a compact resuscitation kit.
  • The microVENT is a time / volume cycled resuscitator – the type recommended for emergency use.
  • The microVENT can be set to automatic – and the prescribed tidal volume and frequency will be applied, consistently and tirelessly.
  • When required, the microVENT can be manually operated using the fingertip trigger, enabling hyperventilation or timing with external cardiac massage in CPR.
  • The microVENT Advanced products are fitted with an Anti-Inhalation Valve which functions with the patient respiratory assist for safety in toxic atmospheres.
  • The microVENT patient respiratory assist feature offers more respiratory support than a simple demand valve system, but still offers more comfort for a spontaneously breathing patient. A patient’s respiratory effort will trigger the microVENT’s inflations, allowing spontaneous breathing at the pre-prescribed volume, helping ensure adequate gas exchange, even with a patient whose respiratory efforts are of inadequate volume.

The microVENT Industrial kit is supplied with everything you need, all contained in a lightweight oxygen bag as shown.