Part No. 670-0472-00

Confined Space Rescue Kit

The Meditech Confined Space Rescue Kit is to be used within the Industrial Industry.

• 1 x microVENTTM advanced adult/child resuscitator with the 2m Oxygen supply hose

• 1 x Extension hose 10m (up to 30m available on request) • Case for stowage and protection in adverse conditions

  • 2 x High concentration Oxygen therapy mask (adult and child)
  • 3 x Resuscitation masks (adult, small adult and child)
  • 1 x Hook ring and head harness for attaching resuscitation mask
  • 4 x Oropharyngeal airways
  • 1 x Flexible ET tube mount
  • 1 x Oxygen regulator, Pin Index, 1 x BS Schrader, therapy outlet
  • 1 x Oxygen therapy Flow Selector (0-15 lpm)
    • 1 x BA air regulator adapted to enable emergency use of breathing apparatus air with the Resuscitator.

    Oxygen Cylinder not included.

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