Regulators for Medical Oxygen

Meditech manufactures regulators for the international markets, with the input and output fittings required for the user destination.

Manufactured in two ranges of Five Five regulators:


  • 55SL regulators for light weight and portability.
    • 55SL are manufactured of strong lightweight materials, mainly aluminium alloy. The high pressure oxygen path is of brass, for extra safety.
  • 55B regulators for mobile use in demanding conditions.
    • 55B regulators are manufactured mainly in brass, a robust material with good ignition resistance.

The Five Five regulators have

  • 5 year service interval
  • 5 year warranty*
  • Safety pressure gauge with:
    • pressure relief facing away from user
    • plate between bourdon tube and gauge face
    • glow in the dark face for better visibility


For our regulator product brochures please visit our download page