Part No. 670-0413-00

Mariner Kit (Microvent)

Industry: Marine & Offshore

The Microvent Mariner Kit is to be used in the Marine & Offshore Industry.

  • 1x Microvent advanced adult resuscitator with automatic and manual modes of operation.
  • Fitted with 1m supply hose with BS Schrader probe.
  • Automatic setting pre-set toAdult: 600ml breath at 12 breaths per minute
  • 2 x Meditech Mariner Oxygen regulators (head end and foot end) with pin index inlet connector andBS Schrader outlet
  • 1 x Pneumatic harness with switching shuttle valve fitted with BS medical Oxygen fittings
  • 1xCasualty harness with secured head harness, two cylinder storage pods with draw cords and zipped closure, resuscitator storage & waist strap
  • 1 x Resuscitation mask (adult)
  • 1 x Hook ring for attaching face mask to head harness
  • Microvent Mariner carrying bag.Oxygen Cylinder not included.

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