Part No. 900-3021-00

Entonox Demand Valve Kit

Category: Demand Valve Kits, Kits

Our Entonox Demand Valve Kit are equipped with everything you need and are ready to be used immediately in any environment. Our N2O/O2 Demand Valve Kits are most frequently used in the Hospital & Emergency Services Industries.

Our Oxygen Demand Valve Kit  are also available, please contact a member of our sales team or fill in the enquiry form below.

Entonox Demand Valve Kits Include:

  • Full length handle
  • 2m hose with BS Schrader probe
  • Entonox Demand Valve kit bag
  • 5 x Mouth pieces/bacterial filters
  • 1 x Face mask (adult)
  • 1 x Face mask (child)
  • 1 x Entonox Regulator
  • Customised kits are available
  • Kits can also be supplied WITHOUT a Regulator

Entonox Cylinder not included. 

**Entonox is a trade name of Linde**

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