microVENT™ Industrial Resuscitator

The microVENT™ Industrial is a market leading Resuscitator, designed and developed in the United Kingdom. The microVENT™ Industrial Resuscitator is an easy to use, reliable device for use in the Industrial Safety environment. Preset for Adults only and can be used in confined / toxic spaces.

  • Tidal volume range – preset at 600ml for adults only
  • I:E ratio – 1:2
  • Breaths per minute frequency – 12BPM
  • Dimensions – 120x55x100mm
  • Weight – 190g
  • Pneumatically powered
  • Preset tidal volume and breaths per minute
  • Automatically (time cylced) & manual trigger
  • Easy to use, lightweight & compact
  • Pressure relief & audible warning
  • SIMV
  • Compatible with standard airways devices (IGEL) & face masks
  • Available with any international hose fittng
  • Can be used in toxic enviroments

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