Part No. 910-0021-00

Oxygen Demand Valve

Category: Demand Valves

The Oxygen Demand Valve is designed for use with 100% O2 to meet BS4272-2. The device also be used to relieve Cluster Headaches. It is extremely strong with practical features to avoid cross contamination. This provides a good patient experience with minimal effort required.

Part No. 910-0021-00

Our Demand Valves are designed to be used with generic filter systems. Each Demand Valve can supplied with a dedicated pressure regulator or with any international hose fitting to use with your own cylinder or wall supply. Our Oxygen Demand Valve can also be used to relieve Cluster Headaches.

** Wrist Strap sold separately **

  • Designed to be extremely strong and durable.
  • Available in 2M, 3M, & 4M hose with BS Schrader Probe.
  • Full length handle.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • 5 year service.
  • 10 year intended life-span.

Available in 3 Different Hose Lengths

Oxygen Demand Valve
910-0021-00 (2M Hose)
Oxygen Demand Valve
910-0031-00 (3M Hose)
Oxygen Demand Valve
910-0041-00 (4M Hose)

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