All RedVac products are developed in close co-operation with Austrian and German mountain hunters, Alpine mountain rescue, and other rescue organisations to ensure their equipment is manufactured to the highest quality and standard.

The RedVac Vacuum Splint can be used to ensure safe transport of the patient from the accident site to the hospital. It can be shaped according to body contours, offering a comfortable & safe immobilisation.

  • The Multi-Chamber-System keeps the beads in the right position and makes the application fast and easy
  • Formed at the body contours, the splint offers a safe and comfortable splinting
  • Remains flexible and stable at extreme temperatures
  • biocompatible cover material that is easy to clean
  • Robust vacuum valve that closes automatically when suction stops.
  • Comes with a build-in adapter for most vacuum pumps
  • Colour coded patient restraint straps that can be removed for cleaning, repositioning or replacement
  • X-ray, CT & MR-compatible
  • Indestructible labels for easy identification of product

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